Mellow Migrations is a site about travel. But it’s more than that. It’s about road trips, kitschy roadside attractions, beautiful places to hike, swimming holes, diners, rest areas, parks, trails, mountains, and geographical gems both on and off the beaten path. It’s a site for introverted travelers, nomads, weekend warriors, RVers, van lifers, tiny home dwellers, and anyone infected with an itchy case of wanderlust. It’s for people who want to have a lifetime of experiences and don’t want to spend their life savings in the process.

Teddy ready to travel

We’re Jeremy and Carrie Kerns, a pair of introverts who love to explore the world along with our constant companions Teddy and Tucker. We don’t care for crowds so you won’t find a lot of material on here about theme parks, bars, clubs or music venues. Instead, we seek out the beautiful and the interesting, the abandoned and the forgotten, the dirt trails and the scenic byways. We love going to places where we can explore on our own and in our own time.

Join us on our adventures and tell us about your own!


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