Throughout the site, you’ll see some details about the locations we visit in places like the “At A Glance” boxes. Here’s the key to what these details mean:

Location Type

The locations are generally broken down into two varieties: Destination and On-The-Way. Destinations are places you could plan to travel to and spend a good amount of time enjoying. On-The-Way locations, on the other hand, are places that are pretty cool but not worth making a special trip for all by themselves. These are best visited while on the way to another location, like one of the Destinations!

Population Rating

This is a scale of how many people are in this location at the time we visited. The lower the number, the less people. Remember, though, that your experience may differ based on time of year, day of week, time of day, etc.

Pet Friendly

Whether or not you are welcome to bring a pet to this location. As always, it’s best to check directly with the location before making a trip just in case the rules have changed.


This indicates what the price or fee level might be, if applicable. We prefer to stay on the free or cheap side, but sometimes you gotta pay.

State & City/Town

Pretty self-explanatory. This is where the location is… well, located. We’ll try to include the nearest town if the site isn’t actually in one.


These are major highways or iconic roads near the site. This includes roads like Route 66 and the Blue Ridge Parkway. It makes it easier to find places along a given route.


These are the latitude and longitude of the location (roughly). You should be able to plug these into a mapping or GPS system and get directions. Where possible we also try to include an embedded Google Map for the location.