Starting Out

Starting Out

In some ways, this site is about five years in the making. That’s when we started our semi-regular road trips around Texas and North Carolina, depending on where we are staying at any given time. Since then, we’ve added Arkansas and Oklahoma to our regular adventures and we’ll be going even more places now that we need new content ;).

Our explorations have been largely day trips and weekend excursions – usually with the goal of getting back home in the same day – and most have not been planned more than a day out. We can do that because my wife Carrie has a knack for finding fun places to visit and does a tremendous job putting together impromptu itineraries for our road trips during our road trips. You might call some of our trips exploratory: we make quick visits to lots of different places and anything we really love we add to the list of places to revisit. You’d be surprised just how much you can find in a relatively small radius and how much you can cram into a single day if that’s your goal.

So, this is really the first entry on our brand new site but we’ll be back-tracking to fill in content from all of our previous outings as well. We thank you for taking the time to check us out and hope you stick around for all the fun in the future!


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