5 Parks in Collin County Texas Only The Locals Know About

5 Parks in Collin County Texas Only The Locals Know About

Collin County, located just north of Dallas Texas, is home to a great many parks and preserves. These can range from the quite large, like the 800-acre Oak Point Nature Park & Preserve in Plano, down to small neighborhood parks with little more than a playground. Here are five of our favorite parks that Collin County has to offer that are still well-kept secrets.



Rowlett Creek near Taychas Trail and Limestone Quarry Park in Frisco Texas
Limestone formations on the bank of Rowlett Creek near Taychas Trail and Limestone Quarry Park

Best Park for Playing in the Creek & Fossil Hunting

Taychas Trail Park /Limestone Quarry Park, Frisco

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These two sites are located in Frisco, Texas along the Taychas Trail, a 2-mile long trail that runs beside Rowlett Creek. It’s a beautiful walk with some informational signage and a couple of playgrounds along the way. The main trail is paved but there are some additional dirt paths that can take you down to the creek, where you’ll find lots of limestone and may even locate some great fossils.





Best Park for Off-road Biking

Sister Grove Park, Princeton

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Sister Grove Park is a little hidden gem located in Princeton, Texas. Primarily a location for several DORBA bike trails, there are a couple of trails intended for hikers as well. We have found this place to be less crowded than the similar Erwin Park in McKinney, but make sure you check that one out too if you’re looking for a place to bike.




Best Place to Take the Dogs

Gray Branch Park, McKinney

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Located just off Highway 380 in McKinney, Texas, Gray Branch Park is a relatively new addition and features three different areas to hike and bike in. One trail loops around a wide open field, another loops around in a wooded area and the third does a little of both. With all the wide open space, this is a great place to let the pooches run around and get some exercise.




Best Park for Disc Golf

B.B. Owen Park, McKinney

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Also located in McKinney, B.B. Owen Park is a 350-acre (!) park in the Trinity Falls neighborhood. It features an expansive 21-hole disc golf course along with many miles of hiking & biking trails, and multiple ponds. It’s a great, quiet place with lots of room.



Best Long Distance Paved Path

Dayspring Nature Preserve, Allen

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A gorgeous park with trails for hiking & biking, playgrounds, and lovely places to picnic, Dayspring Nature Preserve is a wonderful gem in Allen, Texas. The Preserve is located on the Watters Creek Trail, a 2.7 mile loop trail with lots of additional sights for hikers and bikers to enjoy.


Do you know of any hidden gem parks we forgot about? Tell us in the comments!

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