Big Rocks Park in Glen Rose TX

Big Rocks Park in Glen Rose TX

Address: 1014 NE Barnard St, Glen Rose, TX 76043

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Rating: 3 out of 5.
  • FREE! An inexpensive activity for the whole family
  • A fun place to climb around
  • Right next to river for water fun!
  • This is a pretty popular place and is usually quite crowded


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Big Rocks Park is a very unique city park in Glen Rose, Texas, that is full of… well, big rocks. Glen Rose is chockful of interesting sights, especially for dinosaur lovers. While not directly related to dinosaurs, the Big Rocks Park nevertheless has a very stone age feel to it. Located along the Wheeler Branch of the Paluxy/Brazos Rivers (honestly I can’t tell what is what based on the map), this park is a great little place to climb around, take a dip in the river and walk the path that runs alongside the river.

I can’t say that this location is a destination itself, but it’s certainly something worth putting on the itinerary if you’re taking a trip that takes you through the Glen Rose area. Consider this an On-The-Way kind of place.



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